football players on the field at Chelsea FC before a game.

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Chelsea are one of the giants of the league, with a roster full of international stars, in a surprisingly small stadium tucked into a very cool London neighborhood. But their run at the top is on pause — at least.

LOCATION: Just west of London’s center and on several transport lines

CONTACT:, 0371 811 1955, #CFC

NICKNAMES: The Blues. Also the Pensioners because of a long association with the Royal Chelsea Hospital, which houses former military pensioners (what we would call retirees in the U.S.). They still attend games and have been known to form pregame honor guards for the players to walk through when Chelsea wins the league.


Many non-Brits may not realize this, but the Chelsea we know today is a largely modern phenomenon. Chelsea was founded in 1905, in a pub just across Fulham Road that’s still there. It’s called the Butcher’s Hook now, and is probably a fair bit nicer than in those days. Chelsea have played at Stamford Bridge ever since—one of very few clubs in…


Technically, their local rivals would be nearby neighbors Fulham, Brentford, and Queens Park Rangers. In truth, though, none of those clubs has provided real competition for years. Chelsea’s attention is much more focused on Arsenal, West Ham and mainly Tottenham, although since they started playing for titles, Manchester United has gotten in…

Women's Team

Chelsea FC Women play in the FA Women’s Super League, the highest level of women’s football. They are the giants of the country. Last season, they won the WSL for the third year in a row, and the Women’s FA Cup for the second year in a row, – and they lost the Women’s League Cup Final for the second year in a row. Home games are at Kingsmeadow in…


Perhaps their most famous is a simple, rising and falling chant of “Chelsea” over and over. You’ll hear it a lot. There is also one about keeping the blue flag “flying high up in the sky.” Another classic is “Carefree,” in which they sing, “We don’t give a fuck who you may be / We are the famous CFC.” You will also hear, if you listen carefully…


Stamford Bridge—named for a long-buried bridge over a long-buried creek—has been the home of Chelsea FC since 1905. It has had several incarnations over the years and has looked as it does now since the West Stand was completely redeveloped in 2001. The end where the away fans sit, along with the traditionally most rowdy Chelsea fans, is the Shed…

Going to a Game at Chelsea

GETTING THERE: Getting to Stamford Bridge is simple. You just take the District line Tube to Fulham Broadway, come out of the station, and turn left. You can also take an Overground train to West Brompton and walk about 15 minutes through a beautiful historic cemetery if it’s a day game and you’re into that sort of thing. Getting out, they handle…

Chelsea Tickets

The only way you’re getting a ticket from the club is if it’s a Cup match against a real nobody or if you buy a membership (requires one per ticket at around £30 per season). With that in hand, you may get one for lesser games, but your best bet is probably the resale section of their website, where season ticket holders can put unused tickets on sale. In all cases, getting two together is hard.

They do have a wide range of hospitality options, several of which Groundhopper Guides sells as well. One of their buffets is out of this world.

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