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Everton may have dropped into second position in their hometown of late, but they should be at the very top of your priorities for a visit—soon, before they build a new stadium. “The People’s Club” has one of the greatest old grounds left.

LOCATION: Liverpool, two and a half hours from London’s Euston station and just under an hour from Manchester Piccadilly

CONTACT:, 0151 556 1878, #EFC

NICKNAMES: The Toffees or the Blues. Apparently, Toffees comes from there being a toffee shop near the ground way back in the day that sold Everton Toffees. Before every home game, a woman dresses up as the Toffee Lady—think blue-and-white Amish lady—and hands out free sweets to the crowd.


Here is something you probably didn’t know about Everton: they have, by some distance, spent more seasons in the top flight of English football than any other club in the country. That would be 118 seasons since the Football League was created in 1888. They have only missed four seasons up top and none since 1954–although the last two years have…


Liverpool, of course, are a rival, but it has frankly become less than competitive in recent years. Going back to the 2007-08 season, spanning 35 games, Everton have only two wins in the league and one in the FA Cup. It has been called the Friendly derby because the fans mix together—sometimes families are split over this—and while it is less…

Women's Team

Everton Women are in the Women’s Super League, the top tier. Home games are at Walton Hall Park in the Liverpool Soccer (!) Centre. We do love it when Brits say


Since 1962 the team has come out to the theme song from an old BBC show called Z-Cars (which Brits pronounce ZED-cars). It’s based on an old folk song, and it’s flute-y and fun. They also do a thing where they just sing “Everton” over and over to, loosely, the home stretch of “Stars and Stripes Forever.” They have one called “Grand Old Team” that…


They call it the Grand Old Lady, and Goodison Park defines many of the things to love about English soccer. It’s tucked into a neighborhood so tightly there’s a church basically inside it; there are pubs directly across a small street; it remains beautiful and old-fashioned; its wood seats are cramped; views are obstructed; everybody agrees it…

Going to a Game at Everton

GETTING THERE: You may notice this is just like getting to Anfield. They are, after all, less than a mile apart, and the two clubs are never home the same weekend. Right outside the main Lime Street station, you will see a sprawling bus stop area, and one of the first stops will be labeled as the Football Special. It should be bus 19, 20, or 21….

Everton Tickets

Tickets range from £38 to £49, but they can be hard to get. A membership (£30 last year) will help but isn’t a guarantee, especially for the bigger games. They also offer hospitality packages, which consistently have the lowest prices of any big Premier League clubs. Groundhopper Guides has a nice option here as well.

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