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A solid Premier League club until very recently, Southampton are also famous for developing—then selling—young players. They’re in a major port city that makes a nice day or overnight trip from London.

LOCATION: On the South Coast, about 90 minutes south from London’s Waterloo station

CONTACT:, 0845 688 9448, #SaintsFC

NICKNAMES: The Saints, because they were originally formed as a church team


The club formed in 1885 as a church team, earning them the nickname Saints, and they played in the old Southern League until World War I. In 1920 they made the Football League and have been there ever since. In 1922-23 they did something mildly interesting: they won 14, lost 14, and drew 14, for 42 points from 42 games. They also scored and…


They share the South Coast derby with Portsmouth, and it’s one of the more bitter rivalries around. The most recent meeting was a 4-0 Southampton win at Portsmouth in 2019’s League

Women's Team

This is a little confusing, but the club “withdrew their support” for the women in 2005 after the men’s team was relegated out of the Premier League. Lame. Now the club has started up a new one called Southampton FC Women, who have just been promoted for this season to the FA Women’s Championship at tier 2; home games are at Testwood Park in…


As one might imagine, the main one is “When the Saints Go Marching


St. Mary’s Stadium, which replaced the 15,000-seat Dell in 2001, holds 32,505 in perhaps the epitome of the modern, rectangular stadium. It’s surrounded by industrial sites and is hardly in the most romantic location, but inside it’s perfectly nice and spacious. The away fans will be in the north end. The statue outside is of Ted Bates, known as…

Going to a Game at Southampton

GETTING THERE: There is usually a shuttle bus from the main train station (call the club or ask at the station to confirm), which is nice because it’s a half-hour walk. You can cut that time in half by grabbing bus 18 from the Civic Center and then walking from the Britannia Road stop. It should be less than £10 in a cab. PUBS: The main action…

Southampton Tickets

Last year tickets ranged from £39 to £46 for adults and could be hard to get. Get a membership or call the club. They also have some really nice and affordable hospitality options, one of which is available through Groundhopper Guides.

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