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Tranmere Rovers

If you’re in Liverpool for a game at one of those “other” clubs, do yourself a favor: take a ferry across the Mersey and go see a traditional game of football at Prenton Park.

LOCATION: Tranmere is a neighborhood in Birkenhead, which in turn is in a place called The Wirral Peninsula. But Rovers are not in Tranmere; they are next door in Prenton. All this is just across the River Mersey from Liverpool.

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For their first 100 years after forming in 1891, Rovers spent all of one season above the third tier, finishing last in the 1939 Second Division. In all that time, they were best known for developing and then selling top players, most notably Dixie Dean, who went on to be a legend at Everton. Their glory years hit during the 1989-90 season, when…


Liverpool and Everton are the closest geographically, but they never play Rovers in a real game. Rovers supporters say the biggest rivals are Bolton Wanderers and Oldham Athletic, but none of them are in the same league. Come on, cup

Women's Team

Tranmere Rovers Ladies play in the North West Women’s Regional League at tier 6 of the pyramid. Home games are at the club’s training complex in nearby


We’ve been to a lot of games in a lot of places, and Tranmere Rovers gave us one of the weirdest experiences of the lot. While shooting the usual video of the teams coming out, something in the music sounded familiar. It took us a minute to place it, but yes … they were playing the theme from The Rockford Files! If you’re under 50, you might not…


Prenton Park is bigger and nicer than you would probably expect from a club in League Two. It holds 16,587 people, and three of the four stands were built or redeveloped in the 1990s. Home rowdies are in the Kop behind one goal, and away fans are opposite in the Cowshed, which housed the home fans until about 20 years ago and got its name because…

Going to a Game at Tranmere Rovers

GETTING THERE: There are a couple of ways to do this, assuming you’re starting in Liverpool. You can take Merseyrail from Liverpool Central to Hamilton Square in Birkenhead, then hop on bus 423 (Seacomb) to Highpark Road, a few minutes from the ground. But what you really should do is take a Mersey Ferry from Pier Head in Liverpool (down by the…

Tranmere Rovers Tickets

Last year, adults were £18 to £21, and even a recent Cup game with Man United didn’t quite sell out.

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