The view from one of the Liverpool hospitality packages I sell.

Seems like everybody wants to get tickets to see Liverpool at Anfield, so let’s run through the hospitality options that I offer for the Reds’ home games.

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Liverpool’s Kop at Anfield, where the whole world wants to be.

Briefly, what’s hospitality? A ticket plus something else. In this case that’s some kind of lounge access or experience, maybe a reception with food and drink. For me, by the way, it doesn’t include a hotel room. (Here’s more on hospitality packages in general.)

And how am I authorized to resell these packages? Because I am registered as a reseller through two brokers who have a contract with Liverpool to sell their hospitality packages. They buy a block of tickets to every home game and make them available to me to sell to you. Nice and simple.

You can read my Google reviews to see that I am not in the business of ripping people off. I can also supply more details to confirm all this when I issue you a quote.

On-Site Liverpool Hospitality Packages

These are packages where the lounge you have access to is inside the stadium, meaning you can go there before the game, at halftime, and after the game. Some come with food as well. I’m ranking them in rough order from cheapest to most expensive; the actual price varies a ton, depending on who the opponent is.

First, here’s a seating chart for your reference (click to expand):

Liverpool Seating Plan (click to expand)

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Inside the Anfield Code Lounge at Liverpool FC.

The L11 Package

This is a seat in block L11, which is the Main Stand on the side, roughly along the goal line, with the away fans just to your left in the Anfield Road End. It comes with access to the Anfield Code Lounge (right), where you can buy food and drink and hang out before and after the game.

This is just one section to the left of …

The L12 Package

L12 is simply the next section to the right of L11, or closer to midfield, with access to the same lounge. So where L11 is along the goal line, L12 is around the top of the penalty area. The picture at the top of this post was taken from L12.

Here is a video I shot walking into L12:

And here is an even cooler video I shot during a game from L12:

Shankly and Paisley Suites, Blocks CE3 and CE7

Read more about these in this blog post.

With this option and the next, you get access to one of these virtually identical suites, where you enjoy a pregame two-course meal and a cash bar. The seats are upper tier of the Kenny Dalglish Stand, formerly known as the Centenary Stand. This is opposite the Main Stand.

Here’s a shot of the Shankly Suite:

Catching the highlights in the Shankly Suite.

Here’s my meal in there. They also have sandwiches, salads, sides, and a carver station.:

My plate: curry, rice and naan.

Shankly and Paisley Suites, Blocks CE4 and CE6

This is the same as the above, but with more central seats. A couple of shots from block CE4:

Pregame from block CE4.

The Kop from CE4.

And a video from CE4:

Reds Bar — Blocks KG and KP

These are lower-tier seats along the goal line in the Dalglish Stand. Access is to the Reds Bar, which is quite similar to the Paisley and Shankly. This is a bar inside Anfield to which you get exclusive access, with free non-alcoholic beverage, along with seats in the Lower Dalglish Stand along the goal line.

These are the lowest seats I can offer, but being down in the corner, they might not appeal to everybody. I have not used either of them, but I grabbed this shot from KG off

View from KG (via

Offsite Hospitality Options: Sandon, Isla Gladstone, Etc.

For each of these, there is an offsite place where you go for a reception, drinks, food, etc., then you walk a few minutes to the stadium.

The Sandon

This is a club-owned historic pub just down the street from Anfield — historic in that the club was founded there! On game days, access to its upper floor is exclusively for people who have bought into  the Sandon package. You go there before the game, have something to eat, have access to the bar, then you can go back afterwards for free coffee and tea — and more bar access, of course! It’s the only one of these offsite packages with post-game lounge access.

Here’s a shot of the pub area you get into:

The Sandon at Anfield.

The Sandon package offers seats in the Upper Anfield Road End, behind the goal opposite The Kop. Here’s a view there:

View from the Upper Anfield Road End, where several of my packages have seating.

The Isla Gladstone Conservancy

This is a kind of glass palace in the park between Anfield and Goodison Park, home of Everton FC. You go there before the game, have a meal and drinks, then head for the game. There’s no access after the game.

For this package, seats are also in the Upper Anfield Road End.

Farther Afield: Aintree, Liver Building and Hilton

These are all pretty much the same package: a pregame meal in a different part of town from the stadium, with drinks etc., and then a bus ride to the game about two hours before kickoff. Obviously you don’t have to take that bus, but it’s available. Generally, access to these sites starts about four hours before kickoff, and there’s no access after the game.

The Aintree is a top-notch racecourse, similar to Churchill Downs in the States. The Liver Building is an iconic building down on the waterfront. The Hilton is also down on the waterfront. Aintree and Liver seats are Upper Anfield Road; Hilton is often Lower Anfield Road, block 127.

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