Groundhopper Paul on the “Crossing The Pond” Podcast

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Groundhopper Paul on the “Crossing The Pond” Podcast

This week Groundhopper Paul was a guest on the “Crossing The Pond” podcast to give his unique insights gathered from groundhopping around the UK.

Gary is a Brit with a soccer background who moved to America years ago, and his podcast is all about those transitions and the lessons learned along the way. As an American going the other way for football, Paul brought his perspective on not just groundhopping but also what he has observed about British culture. how going to games helps connect with people, and how a passion can become a career.

This week they hosted Groundhopper Paul on how he got started in soccer — anybody else remember “Soccer Made in Germany”? — how Paul came to pursue the 92, where the company came from, the best pies Paul’s found, my favorite kit, etc.

It’s a fun soccer podcast, and we encourage you to give it a listen and subscribe.

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