Which English soccer teams have been promoted and relegated after the 2021-22 season? Who’s in the Football League playoffs? Which Premier League teams have made it into Europe?

We’re going to track everything here until it’s all said and done. But first, some quick background.

Updated June 5, 2022 with all results.

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How Does Promotion and Relegation Work in English Soccer?

The short version is that at the end of each season, the top three teams in each league go up a league for the next season, and the bottom three drop down a league. And there are a lot of leagues up and down the so-called pyramid of English football. There are some variables on this, like playoffs being involved to settle some promotions, plus the question of where the top teams in the top league get “promoted to.”

We’ll get to those, but here’s a complete explanation of how promotion and relegation work in England:

English Football League Playoffs

Yes, English soccer has playoffs — not to determine champions, but to determine some promotion spots. For example, in the Championship, the second-tier league just below the Premier League, the top two finishers automatically go up, then numbers 3 through 6 battle it out for the third spot. The final of that mini tournament, played at Wembley Stadium, is often called the “richest game in world football,” as the winner gets a share of the Premier League TV money.

Here’s more about the playoffs.

Here are the Promotions and Relegations from the 2020-21 Season

“Getting into Europe” or, Promotion from the Premier League

Since the Premier League is the top league in England, where do its top teams go “up” to? The answer is European competitions — and the same is true for leagues all over the continent, like Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A.

This is what is meant by the phrase “getting into Europe,” or getting into “the European places” at the top of the Premier League. In England, it basically breaks down like this:

Here’s more about getting into Europe.

Watch the Champions League o Paramount+ in the United States.

Watch the Champions League on Paramount+ in the United States.

English Football Promotions and Relegations, 2021-22 Season

Premier League: European Places

Champions League:

  • Manchester City
  • Liverpool
  • Chelsea
  • Tottenham

Europa League:

  • Arsenal
  • Manchester United

Europa Conference League:

  • West Ham

Here’s the final Premier League table from the BBC.

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From the Premier League down to the Championship

  • Norwich City
  • Watford
  • Burnley

From the Championship up to the Premier League

  • Fulham (Champions)
  • Bournemouth
  • Nottingham Forest (via the playoff)

Here’s the final Championship table from the BBC.

From the Championship down to League One

  • Barnsley
  • Peterborough
  • Derby County

From League One up to the Championship:

  • Wigan Athletic (Champions)
  • Rotherham United
  • Sunderland (via the playoff)

From League One down to League Two:

  • Gillingham
  • Doncaster Rovers
  • Wimbledon
  • Crewe Alexandra

Here’s the final League One table.

From League Two up to League One:

  • Forest Green Rovers (Champions)
  • Exeter City
  • Bristol Rovers
  • Port Vale (via the playoff)

From League Two down to the National League:

  • Oldham Athletic
  • Scunthorpe United

From the National League up to the Football League Two

  • Stockport County (champions)
  • Grimsby Town via the playoffs

From the National League down to National League North:

  • Kings Lynn Town

From the National League down to National League South:

  • Weymouth
  • Dover Athletic

Here’s the final National League table from the BBC.

From the National League North to the National League

  • York City
  • Gateshead

From the National League South to the National League

  • Maidstone
  • Dorking Wanderers

Learn more about English soccer:

    1. Thank you for an easy description of the ups and downs of English football.

      Are there relegations out of the National League?

      1. Definitely — to the National League North and South, and then from those to other leagues below. I just cut it off at the fifth tier here.

  1. What a fantastic season of football we have all had the pleasure of watching once again. As usual, the ups and downs. The goals, the saves, the skills on show. What drama. Nowhere else on this earth can you go from utter despair to ultimate elation in the space of less than a single second. The highs of winning, games, leagues and cups. To the lows of being beaten by your local rivals. Being pipped to the league by just one point. Losing in the cup final….???
    Once again, we have come to that time of year when football has gone for a while. Every year I’m the same. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Every year I find something. But, regular as took, follows tick. Night follows day. Its the same every year. For me, that is. The space left by the end of the season. Door here now waiting for the fixtures to be released and then…… start preparing for the new season to kick off.
    Sit here wondering if finally. In my lifetime. I can say that my teams won the premier league…. Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Champions 2022/23. Sounds good. Not sure if it will happen but hey, we live in hope and. Leicester City did it. Not dissing Leicester before anybody says anything. Just trying to get across the fact that. So, they’re is hope for everyone. Because, keys be honest. Not many people would have thought that would happen. Congratulations to all the teams who won, deepest commiserations to the Losing teams.
    Remember though, it is a game. There will always be winners same as they will always be Losing teams. That is the nature of the sport but. You pick yourself up and get ready to go again. Win. Lose it draw.
    That’s the good thing. Come back quickly football season. Missing you so much already….

    C . O . Y . S .

  2. A very clear and easy to understand, “in’s and outs” of Football Promotion and Relegation.
    Thanks everyone ⚽⚽⚽

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