Seeing a game at Watford is a fun, affordable way to catch some soccer action in the Greater London area. And I have a lovely hospitality option there.

Inside the Horizons Lounge at Watford FC.

Many of the people I help plan English soccer trips actually don’t realize Watford is a Greater London club. In fact, Watford Junction is only about 15 minutes by train from London Euston Station — if you catch the right train. Once there, it’s a 10- to 20-minute walk to the wonderfully named Vicarage Road, a 20,000-seat stadium which, if the Hornets are on and the crowd is up for it, can be a rollicking atmosphere.

I sell, through two authorized brokers, a package at Watford called Horizons Hospitality. In form, it’s a very standard hospitality package: regular seats plus access to a lounge where you get food (included) and can buy drinks. Two things, though, make Watford’s Horizons a nice deal: the seats are excellent, and the lounge is lovely.

In fact, the whole ground is lovely. It’s clear the club have spent some rather serious money on Vicarage Road; the concourses are nice, the seats are roomy, and the beer selection is quite good, according to my beer expert friend.

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The Horizons Lounge

Food area in the Horizons lounge.

The lounge is in the middle of the main Graham Taylor Stand, with long windows facing out onto the pitch; they close 20 minutes before kickoff because, in England, you can’t drink alcohol in any place with a view of the pitch.

Starting a couple of hours before the game, you get an “all you can eat” buffet with four options. When I was there the choices were scampi and chips, a chili cheese dog, hoisin duck in a bun, and cheesy potatoes. There’s also a nice dessert bar, and after the game there are jelly-filled donuts. The food isn’t great, nor is it what you’re here for. But “included” and “all you can eat” is a good combination.

Coffee, tea and hot cocoa are free, and there’s a full bar with drinks available for purchase.

The menu when I was there.

Dessert bar.

Postgame fresh donuts.

From there, it’s off to your seats, which are in the first two rows of the upper Taylor Stand. This means you have a completely unobstructed view of the action from a great vantage point. Depending on which block you wind up in — I typically get blocks 1, 2, and 7 — you could be anywhere from along the goal line to around the penalty spot.

My view from block 1, row 1 of the Upper Graham Taylor.

Teams coming out.

Here’s a video from the same seats:

What Does Watford Hospitality Cost?

The final bit that makes Watford hospitality a great deal for games is the price; they are consistently well below Premier League clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

For example, the seats I was using to see them play Burnley cost about $150 US. The same seats for the visit by Chelsea were more like $300. To see a big club visit Chelsea and get a lounge and seats like this at Stamford Bridge would easily set you back $500.

So Watford is a great option for football during a London stay. I have sent several people there who really enjoyed it (see my Google reviews and photos), and should the Hornets manage to stay in the Premier League this season, Vicarage Road will continue to be a place I highly recommend to groundhoppers.

To get a hospitality quote for a specific Watford game, just shoot me an email or fill out the form below:

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