atletico madrid wanda metropolitano Estadio Wanda Metropolitano during an Atlético Madrid game. (Image: Event, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Looking for tickets to an Atlético Madrid game? Groundhopper Soccer Guides is an official reseller of Atlético Madrid tickets and hospitality. Here is a look at what we have available.

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Seeing a Game at Atlético Madrid

Atleti moved into their new home in 2017, but the stadium was actually built years before and greatly remodeled for their arrival. At 68,000 seats, it is clean, modern, easy to reach on public transit and comfortable, with great sight lines all over.

For a little background on the club and city, check out our Groundhopper Guide to Atlético Madrid.

And here is even more on what it’s like to see a game at Atlético Madrid.

Getting More Than One Seat Together at Atlético Madrid

We can seat pairs together in all levels quoted below, and in some cases we can seat up to four together. Check the pricing below for details.

Sometimes a set of three tickets might have one in a row behind the other two. Likewise, a group of five might be four in one row and a fifth in the row behind, or 3 + 2 in different rows but directly behind.

Our Atlético Madrid Tickets: Where are They?

We sell tickets to each of these categories at the Wanda Metropolitano. (Click to image to expand and download.)

atletico madrid seating chart

Atlético Madrid Ticket Prices

What does it cost to see a game at Atlético Madrid? With reference to the seating chart, here are some sample prices for the lowest end of opposition (Cadiz) and the highest end (Barcelona).

These are not official quotes; fill out the form below for a full, up-to-date Atlético Madrid quote.

Shortside Upper — $100 /$300 — up to four together

Shortside Middle/Low: — $150/$350 — pairs

Longside Upper — $125/$375 — up to four together

Longside Middle/Low — $225/$500 — pairs

Longside Middle/Low — $250/$525 — up to four together

Longside Middle/Low Central — $275/$550 — pairs

Atlético Madrid Hospitality Packages

We don’t just sell tickets to Atlético Madrid; we also offer a hospitality package, which has seats with access to a lounge area with food and drinks included.

VIP Club East

This has seats in blocks 224 to 228 plus access to a lounge for one hour before the game and 30 minutes after. There, you get a full meal and free drinks.

Contact us for sample pricing in this package.

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