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Millwall’s supporters proudly claim the mantle of “Last of the Real Clubs.” We think they really mean “vulgar” clubs. And there’s truth to it: no place can rock, or disturb, or entertain like Millwall at a big game.

LOCATION: Bermondsey, one stop out of London Bridge station in South East London

CONTACT:, 020 7232 1222, #Millwall



That the club was founded by workers at a factory in the Isle of Dogs area sets the tone for all of Millwall’s utterly unglamorous story. The specific area was called Millwall, and they kept the name even after bouncing around to a few grounds and eventually leaving for New Cross. That was The Old Den, a truly intimidating and feared place they…


Any London club is less than welcome, with particular venom reserved for Crystal Palace and Charlton, both also from south of the river. But there’s a special level of hatred for West Ham United. This goes back to the East End days at the end of the 19th century, when the clubs were formed by dockworkers at rival companies. There was a mini riot…

Women's Team

The Millwall Lionesses were founded in 1971 and in the 1980s became the first women’s team to be associated with a professional men’s club. But in 2019, they announced a split with Millwall FC and changed their name to London City Lionesses. That club now competes in the second-tier FA Women’s Championship. Check for the…


There are two traditional songs at the beginning of games. One is the last part of “Hey Jude,” with “Millwall” replacing “Hey Jude.” The other is a classic, country-and-western sing-along called “Let ’Em Come” that was written specifically for the club. It has great lyrics about eating jellied eels and drinking glasses of beer. At the end…


The Den holds 20,146 in four separate stands. One is the Dockers Stand, which is named for dockworkers, not a clothing brand. The Cold Blow Lane Stand behind a goal honors the location of The Old Den. The North Stand behind the other goal is for visiting supporters, and the Barry Kitchener Stand is named for the club’s longest-serving player. The…

Going to a Game at Millwall

GETTING THERE: The quickest way is to take the train from London Bridge to South Bermondsey. It’s about a 5-minute walk from there. However, for more food and drink options, take the Overground to Surrey Quays or the Underground to Canada Water. Or go nuts and take the London river bus to Greenland, which is at Surrey Quays. PUBS: The “official”…

Millwall Tickets

The last prices we saw for an adult ticket ranged from £23 to £30, kids under 16 were £10 to £13. Only the derby games or a big FA Cup draw will sell out. Groundhopper Guides also sells tickets to home games at The Den; see below for details.

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