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Newcastle United

If you’re measuring clubs by stadium size and fan base—as opposed to, say, recent success—then Newcastle is one of the biggest clubs around, with an amazing stadium and supporters who finally have an ownership group they’re excited about.

LOCATION: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, about three hours by train from London and 90 minutes from Edinburgh


NICKNAMES: The Magpies, for their traditional black-and-white-striped shirts. Their fans are known as the Toon Army, based on how the word town is pronounced in the local accent. Locals are also referred to as Geordies.


There was an earlier club playing at St. James’ Park in 1886, and it merged with another to form Newcastle United in 1892. They quickly became a national power, winning the league three times and making five FA Cup finals by 1911 (they lost four of them). They won the Cup again in 1924 and 1932, but were relegated in 1934. After World War II they…


Sunderland, just eight miles away, is the other half of the Tyne-Wear derby. Of course, it’s the Wear-Tyne derby in Sunderland. In fact, they both use a phrase from the northeastern dialect, “Howay the Lads.” At least, that’s how it is written in Newcastle. In Sunderland it’s Haway. They have played more than 150 times since 1883. If you ever…

Women's Team

Newcastle United WFC are in the Women’s National League Division One North (tier 4) and play at Druid Park, which might be England’s best ground


“Blaydon Races” is a Geordie folk song written in the 19th century by, yes, Geordie Ridley. It sounds very happy and makes one want to dance around. It’s pretty much the anthem of the city and refers to races that happened in that town until 1916. The lyrics are in Geordie dialect: Ah me lads, ye shudda seen us gannin’, We pass’d the foaks alang…


It’s hard to think of another city so dominated by its football stadium. St. James’ Park is the biggest thing in Newcastle on the highest hill in town and is said to supplant the local cathedral in significance—it has a bigger congregation, anyway. It holds 52,405, making it the seventh-largest soccer stadium in the country–just ahead of…

Going to a Game at Newcastle United

GETTING THERE: It’s only a 15-minute walk from Newcastle Central station; go through Chinatown on the way and get something to eat. You can also find Grainger Street just outside the station and take bus 71 or 87. PUBS: The Strawberry is right across the street and is so significant that a corner of the stadium is named for it. It’s been there…

Newcastle United Tickets

Tickets were around £30 to £35 last season. 

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