Fan Chat James Sheffield Wednesday

In our latest English football fan chat, we learn all about the ups and downs of being a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, as they were relegated to League One for the 2021-22 season.

James was born and raised in South Yorkshire, and has attended games with his family at Hillsborough Stadium since he was a kid. Wednesday supporters have seen their squad go from the Football League playoffs to being relegated in just five seasons. But that doesn’t stop one of the best game day atmospheres you can experience in English football.

If you are from Sheffield, are you Blue or are you Red? Although they have not been in the same English league since 2019 (and will not be in 2021-22), one of the best derbies is when crosstown rivals Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United (check out our Fan Chat with a United supporter) face off in the Steel City Derby.

Away from the grounds, James also goes into great detail about what to eat and drink in Sheffield. From the best places to find a pint pregame, to all the various meat pies, you’ll definitely want to take notes for your next groundhopping trip.

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