We Now Sell Sevilla Tickets

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We Now Sell Sevilla Tickets

One of our ticketing partners has added Sevilla to their lineup of ticket offerings, which means Groundhopper Guides can now offer Sevilla tickets and a hospitality package.

Sevilla plays in the beautiful Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium, tucked into a neighborhood in the lovely city of Seville. They are not perennial La Liga title contenders, but they have won the Europa League several times, and they share one of Europe’s most heated rivalries with city neighbors Real Betis — and we also sell Real Betis tickets!

Find Out More About Our Sevilla Tickets and Hospitality Here

We have three options for tickets to Sevilla: shortside seats behind the goal; longside seats; and a hospitality option with excellent seats on the halfway line plus access to a lounge before and after the game.

View of a soccer game at Sevilla FC

View from typical longside seats at Sevilla.

As always, we don’t just sell tickets to see Sevilla. Since we’ve been there, we can also share information like how to get to the stadium, what to see and do around it and elsewhere in the city, and everything else you’ll need to not just go to a game at Sevilla but have a smooth, connected experience watching La Liga fútbol in one of Spain’s loveliest cities.

Want to go to a game at Sevilla? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch!

Written By Paul Gerald
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Paul is a traveler, writer, publisher and soccer freak. He started Groundhopper Soccer Guides as EnglishSoccerGuide.com in 2014. When he's not kicking around England working on this site and his book, you can find him at Providence Park in Portland, cheering on the Portland Timbers.

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