Best Social Media Follows for Football Lovers

Screenshots of top English Football social media
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Best Social Media Follows for Football Lovers

Groundhopper Soccer Guides produces a wide variety of informative and entertaining content every week. But we can’t cover everything, so here are our favorite ways to keep up with all things football.


  • The Athletic: I know this isn’t social media, and unfortunately they don’t have a dedicated soccer account anywhere besides their website, but for me The Athletic has some of the best coverage of footy in the world.
  • @GolTV: In Ecuador, I watch all the LigaPro games on GolTV. But their Twitter feed also has news, game updates, and coverage of Latin American players in other parts of the world (in Spanish).
  • This is a fun follow to see the (mostly) aerial shots of stadiums all over the world.
  • Copa90 YouTube: Offering culture, history, and much more, Copa 90’s YouTube channel immerses you in all things football.


  • Copa90 Stories: Picking up on Alethea’s suggestion above, this is a sub-channel of Copa 90 that does longer stories like “Save the Crew” as well as an excellent Derby Days series.
  • London Football Guide: The London Football Guide offers a weekly wrap-up of all — and I mean all — of the games in and around London. It’s a gateway into the world of non-league footy, and the home of Non League Day. You can also find them on Facebook.
  • Football Away Days YouTube: This is the YouTube home of Footy Away Days, which grabs supporter clips from all over England. They are also on Twitter.
  • The FA Cup YouTube: I also enjoy watching the FA Cup on YouTube for the historical and current highlights.


  • The 2 Robbies Podcast: Fortunately, there are many soccer podcasts to listen to now, but my favorite is The 2 Robbies hosted by Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle. They focus on the Premier League and have a wide variety of guests. They’re also on Twitter: @The2RobbiesNBC.
  • @worldsoccertalk: With so many games and tournaments going on every week during a normal Premier League season, it can be very confusing to try to find all the action. This is a great follow to get all that info in one quick search.
  • Peacock: This isn’t exactly social media but it is media and, for me, Peacock is the best way to watch Premier League games. Of course, it’s great to see the games live on weekends, but I enjoy going into their archives and being able to watch games during the midweek which I probably wouldn’t have a chance to see otherwise.
  • TFC Stadiums YouTube: I love to travel and see different stadiums in various cities and countries. TFC Stadiums does an unbelievable job in showcasing stadiums around the globe. From the Premier League icons to stadiums in Ukraine, it makes me want to visit so many more.
Screenshots of top English Football social media
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