view of Tottenham Hotspur players on field from hospitality seats Tottenham Hotspur participated in the inaugural UEFA Europa Conference League in the 2021-22 season.

Groundhopper Guides is authorized to sell Spurs tickets and hospitality packages to fixtures at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Here are the details on what we offer.

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We offer access to Tottenham home games in the upper tier (seats only) and club level & lower tier hospitality. The new stadium has great sight lines from all over, so the questions to ask when comparing these options are cost and proximity to the pitch.

First, here’s a seating chart:

tottenham hotspur stadium seating chart

Spurs Tickets: Upper Tier Seats

We now offer seats on the longsides at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. These will be in the upper tier (Level 5) in blocks 501-508 and 522-530, and may be in the upper rows of that tier. These are seats only with no other perks and they are only available to non-UK residents. Note that we cannot guarantee a specific block or side, only that your seats will be together and in one of blocks 501 through 508 or 522 through 530; reference the stadium map above for the locations.

Spurs Tickets and Hospitality: Club Level on the Side

These options — let’s call them 1A and 1B — are quite similar; they are both seats in the middle or club tier of the East Stand, and both offer access to the lounge area. The difference is the section the seats are in — either blocks 312-314 or block 315.

The seats themselves are roomy and padded, and each comes with a drink holder. The legroom is the same throughout the section.

fans sitting in Tottenham Hotspur club-level seats with view

Club-level seats.

The lounge is huge, on two levels, and filled with food (included), bars (free drink at halftime), restaurants (book way ahead to get in) and entertainment. Here are some shots:

musicians playing in Tottenham hospitality lounge

Band playing in the main lounge area.

fans inside lounge at Tottenham stadium


food in Hotspur hospitality lounge

Rice cakes

sandwich buffet in Hotspur hospitality lounge


salad buffet in Hotspur hospitality lounge

Duck salads

Again, the difference between options 1A and 1B is where the seats are.

The upper price is block 315, around the top of the penalty area. Here’s a view from there:

view of goal box from Tottenham hospitality seats

Block 315 view.

The other seats are in 312 to 314, which are a little more in the corner but just above the away fans. These pictures are from section 313:

view of away fans in stands at Tottenham Hotspur stadium

Away fans just below block 313.

view of Tottenham Hotspur corner kick

Corner kick from 313.

view of soccer players and fans from seats

Game action from 313.

view of soccer teams at kickoff

Kickoff from 313.

view of fans in South Stand at Tottenham Hotspur

South Stand from 313.

Here’s a video Groundhopper Paul shot from section 313, of Everton scoring a goal in front of their fans:

Tottenham Hotspur Tickets: Lower-Tier Hospitality

The final option we offer for Spurs home games is access to the same type of lounge as above, but with seats on the lower tier along the halfway stripe. These are in blocks 002 and 003 and here’s a couple of views from there:

fans taking photos close to soccer pitch

Getting a snapshot of their heroes.

view of players on field from lower level seats

View from blocks 002-003 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

We have not yet personally used these lower-tier hospitality seats, but Groundhopper Karen sent this great video that shows (A) the seats are excellent and (B) you’ll want a hat on a sunny day!

Tottenham Hotspur Tickets and Hospitality Pricing

As of June 24, 2022, this season’s prices range from $175 for longside seats against lower-ranked Premier League opponents, to $875 for sections 002-003 with hospitality against Liverpool.

This pricing sheet gives you an idea of the ranges for each fixture:

tottenham hotspur ticket prices

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