What it Takes to Buy Liverpool Tickets

What it Takes to Buy Liverpool Tickets

About 25 percent of the requests we get for Premier League English soccer tickets are for Liverpool home games. Quite simply, seeing a game at Anfield has become the most sought-after – and therefore expensive — experience in world club soccer. And since it’s only a 54,000-seat stadium, getting a ticket there has become really, really hard.

This post was updated after the November 21, 2019 Members Sale with more info from Miguel, below.

Liverpool ticket and program

The prize — a Premier League ticket!

Is buying a Liverpool ticket even possible?

That depends on what you mean by “a ticket,” and how long you’re willing to work at it. (You can skip ahead to the bottom line, if you’d like.)

What you’re really talking about is just getting in to see a game. And we always tell people, there are three things we all want: good seats at a good price and a guarantee we won’t get ripped off. At places like Liverpool (and other top-tier Premier League clubs) you can choose any two of those three.

If you haven’t done it before, then buying a regular ticket from the club is almost impossible; we’ll get to that in a moment. Buying anything from the third-party market (StubHub, etc.) is the Wild West: technically illegal and therefore sketchy and not guaranteed.

Since the official ticket process is so restrictive, the best way to get good seats at Liverpool and know you’re not getting ripped off is to buy a hospitality package from the club or an authorized reseller – like us. We have lots of great options, but since you’re choosing good seats and have a guarantee they’re legit, they are not cheap.

Now for the main question:

How Does One Actually Buy Tickets From Liverpool FC?

The club will lead you to believe that a membership makes this possible. That is not really true. A membership gets you into the process, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. You will also need one membership per ticket you want. That’s because the club, as we have explained elsewhere, allocates tickets first to season-ticket holders, then to members based on how many games they have previously bought for. Obviously, if you’re new to this, that number is zero, so you go to the back of the line, where damn few tickets ever arrive.

These on-sale dates happen twice a year: July for the first half of the season and November for the second. This is when all the members in the world log in and try to buy tickets — only one per membership, remember! — along with who knows what number of “ticket touts” just looking to resell them on StubHub, etc.

Here is a story from a reader, Miguel, on how he worked through that process.

How Miguel Scored Tickets From Liverpool

fans cheering in Anfield Stadium

Liverpool’s Kop at Anfield, where the whole world wants to be.

Miguel was trying to get tickets to Liverpool against Wolves on December 29 and against Sheffield United on January 2. He logged in for the July sale date – and was listed as #2,000+ in the queue! After 30 minutes he was down to <100, but after 45 minutes the whole first half of the season sold out.

“I then immediately called the hospitality office and bought from them over the phone for the Wolves game,” he says. “Then I just called every week or so and eventually got lucky for the SU game. Their website was terribly glitchy and wasn’t showing anything available in hospitality online, so I’m glad I called. When I called, I also learned that hospitality tix actually went on sale as soon as the fixtures came out, even though they didn’t send a notification email to members (like they did for the general member sale). Lesson learned: next year, once fixtures are announced, I’ll probably call their hospitality line directly and try to lock down for whichever back-to-back home games they have.”

So Miguel actually didn’t get “regular tickets,” but he’s going to two games, because he called the club and splashed a lot of cash for hospitality. He also learned that he could have done that in June, when the fixtures came out – from the club, but also from me, by the way.

Here’s his next move:

“I may even attend their November online member sale and buy two single tickets to matches just so I can hit the threshold of four, which puts you into the online sale process a day earlier.”

view of soccer pitch from Liverpool hospitality seats

The view from one of the Liverpool hospitality packages I sell.

This is a key understanding! Once a member has bought tickets or hospitality direct from the club for four separate games, they go into the ticket queue a day earlier, which (I assume) makes a massive difference.

Here is what that looks like from the club, for the July 2019 sale date:

From 8:15am BST on Tuesday, July 16: Members who recorded a minimum of 13 games wishing to purchase tickets for the following fixtures: Norwich City, Arsenal, Newcastle United, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Brighton and Hove Albion, Everton, Watford, and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Members eligible to purchase tickets during this sale are guaranteed a ticket for each match.

From 8:15am BST on Wednesday, July 17: Members who recorded a minimum of FOUR games wishing to purchase tickets for the following fixtures: Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and Everton.

Tickets for this sale will be sold strictly on a first come, first served basis subject to availability, and we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available to all who apply.

From 8:15am BST on Thursday, July 18: ALL Members wishing to purchase tickets for the following games: Norwich City, Newcastle United, Leicester City, Brighton and Hove Albion, Watford, and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Tickets for this sale will be sold strictly on a first come, first served basis subject to availability, and we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available to all who apply.

So if Miguel can get a couple of tickets for (any) two other games in the November sale, he moves up a level for next season, where he gets priority access to some top games.

Here is Miguel’s update after the November 21 sale.

In short – bad news: I struck out again. It was similarly asymmetric to the July sale: way, way too much demand for limited supply. I just checked an email (from when I signed up as a member for this season): they claim 10,000 tickets for every EPL home game are allocated for Members in these pre-sales.
I would assume that (by this third tier) it’s probably closer to 3-5,000. As you’ll see on the attached, there were ~71k “sessions” (probably some duplicates, touts, etc.) so maybe 30-50k actual uniques, or 10x oversubscribed.

Could he actually have gone to those two games in November? Different question. What would he do if he can’t make it? He says he would have donated them somewhere rather than resell them, but let’s just say that not everybody is as principled as Miguel. Imagine you got a couple seats for a Liverpool game at £50 each but saw them selling on a third-party site for $400. Tempting, right?

Of course, that’s a glitch in the system, and one which the clubs find it hard to fight. It encourages even more people to get into the system and try to move up to that level. This benefits the club (more memberships) but hurts the average fan trying to get a ticket at a reasonable price.

Summary: How to Buy Liverpool Tickets

red Liverpool scarves and hats

Scarf sale outside Anfield.

This has been a long post to answer a (seemingly) simple question, so let’s bottom-line it.

If you want to buy tickets to a Liverpool game from a legit source, the best method is to do what Miguel did: get a membership (one per ticket you want) before the fixtures are announced, then try to get tickets through the public sale process. Assuming this doesn’t work, you should then get on the phone and buy hospitality straight from the club, so you get credit on your membership. In fact, you might do that as soon as the fixtures come out, to be sure.

After you’ve done that (or scored regular tickets) for four games, you will move up a tier in the ticket process and have a better chance of scoring regular Liverpool tickets.

See – nice and simple, right?

If for any reason the above doesn’t work – the club is sold out or whatever – then just fill out the form below, and we will let you know what we have for any Liverpool home game you want.

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