A Groundhopping Gallery From the First Month of the Season

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A Groundhopping Gallery From the First Month of the Season

The 2019-20 English soccer season is about a month old, and while we pause for an international break, here are some images and videos from people I’ve been helping go groundhopping.

Since the 2019-20 schedule was announced and tickets went on sale, I have heard from well over 400 people looking for consultation, trip planning, or tickets. About 120 of them have bought tickets, and some of the folks who went over in the first month sent me some pictures and videos. Some were nice enough to write reviews on the Groundhopper Soccer Guides Google Business Page.

Here, for example, is a video from the new stadium at Tottenham Hotspur. I have a few hospitality options there, but I have not yet sat in the lower-tier seats. Thanks to Karen, I now have this video of what the view is like. (Pro tip: for any of my packages at a Spurs game, bring a hat if it’s expected to be sunny!)

As for videos, here’s a Mo Salah penalty at Liverpool, from my L12 package seats:

And finally, here’s one from my club-level seats at Arsenal. The away fans are in that lower tier on the right.

Here are some more photos from folks who went to games in August.

If you are looking for some tickets or hospitality, just use this form to get in touch:

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Paul started Groundhopper Soccer Guides as EnglishSoccerGuide.com in 2014. He has been to more than 250 games around the UK and Europe, and he currently lives in Madrid.

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