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Going to see a game at Chelsea FC in London is, for me, one of the top Premier League experiences. But tickets can be tough, so one good option is the hospitality package. Here’s a look at the ones I sell through my consulting services.

View from upper-tier seating.

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First, just a quick glance at what seeing a game at Chelsea is all about. It’s a smaller stadium than you might think, just over 41,000, and it feels completely closed in and cozy. This makes for an absolutely cracking atmosphere when the crowd is up for it.

It’s also in a very cool neighborhood, an easy walk from a station with drink and food options all around. Of course, with all this in central London, a Chelsea game is an easy and fun addition to a soccer tour in the capital.

But it isn’t cheap. Getting tickets from Chelsea is, like with all Premier League clubs, tricky. In fact, if it’s a league game against anybody you’ve ever heard of, and you’re looking for more than one seat together, you can pretty much rule out getting them from the club, even with a membership.

That leaves two options: Stubhub and their ilk, which I have no experience with, and the hospitality package, of which I am an official reseller.

My Chelsea Hospitality Packages

Through my consulting and ticketing services, I sell several different hospitality packages for Chelsea. Here is a map showing where they all are:

Chelsea hospitality seating locations.

And now, a look at each option, arranged by their usual price, lowest to highest. Actual prices are all over the place and really depend on the opponent.

All of these are paper tickets delivered to your hotel a day or two before the game.

  • West Upper: Seats plus a voucher for a drink on the concourse.
  • Captains: Middle-tier seats along the goal line with lounge access and free non-alcoholic drinks at halftime.
  • Museum: Upper west side seats with a pre-match meal and full complimentary bar two hours before the game. Pre-match stadium tour, halftime drinks voucher for the concourse, Chelsea legends, Chelsea gift.
  • Zola and Wise Suites: Upper west side seating with lounge access, pre-match meal and full complimentary bar two hours before the game and one hour after — handy for letting the crowds clear from the neighborhood.
  • Centenary: Middle-tier seats along the top of the penalty area, massive pregame buffet, lounge access before and after, free coffee and tea at halftime.

Here is a video from the Centenary seating (sorry about the audio); Captains is the section just to the left. Both of these are in the middle tier east stand, so the other packages are upper tier across the way. Away fans are just to the left here.

I have a photo gallery below with some more images.

If you want a quote for a specific Chelsea game, or just more info, fill out the form below. You can read about hospitality at other Premier League clubs by searching on the club page or just go to the Hospitality Section of my blog.

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