Expansion of Liverpool’s Anfield Road Stand Delayed

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Expansion of Liverpool’s Anfield Road Stand Delayed

With the main building contractor entering administration (bankruptcy) the Liverpool stadium expansion project has now fallen behind schedule significantly

Renovations to Liverpool’s Anfield Road Stand were initially approved during the summer of 2021, and work began on the project in September of 2021. The original timeline had the stand being opened and fully operational by the start of the 2023-24 season; however, the club has now pushed that date back to early 2024 — although a portion of the new Anfield Road Stand opened for the game against Manchester United in December 2023.

Update December 28: Liverpool now say the entire stand will be open for the January 31 game against Chelsea; this includes the new Brodies Lounge Liverpool hospitality we are excited to offer.

This is now the third adjusted timeline after Liverpool assured fans in September that the stand would be open by October 2023. You can read a Q&A with Liverpool FC’s CEO here where he is specifically asked about the delays in the new project, as well as the new adjusted timeline for the project. Even this new adjusted timeline was brought into question when the main building contractor on the project, the Buckingham Group, filed for administration (bankruptcy in the US) after racking up delays on both the Liverpool and Fulham stadium renovation projects. Read here about the significant delays to Fulham’s stadium renovations. A rumored opening date in early 2024 now sounds like the most realistic scenario for Liverpool.

Is the New Anfield Road Stand Open?

For the Liverpool home game against Manchester United on December 17, the upper tier of the new Anfield Road Stand was, in fact, open, bringing attendance to around 57,000 people — the highest for a league game there since the early 1960s.

This fuzzy screenshot from an NBC broadcast shows the new stand and which part was open.

The new upper tier is open, but the middle

The new upper tier is open, but not the middle tier. (From NBC)

The lower tier is from the old Anfield Road End, the upper is the newly-built part that just opened for this game, and the middle is where, eventually, seating from hospitality packages will be. One example is the Brodie’s Sports Bar, which we will sell as part of our Liverpool Tickets and Hospitality offerings.

And now they say the whole thing will be open January 31 when the Reds host Chelsea.

What is Liverpool Doing About Anfield Road Tickets?

During this situation, Liverpool has been canceling and refunding most tickets in the Anfield Road Stand for past and upcoming games but has refrained from relocating tickets to other sections of the stadium. This means if you have purchased tickets from the club in the Anfield Road Stand for games in October, November, and December your tickets will likely be refunded and canceled.

This also means that, until Liverpool officially announces the opening of the stand, our newest option among Liverpool tickets and hospitality, Brodie’s Sports Bar, is also unavailable. We do have other packages, though.

Additions to the Anfield Road Stand

The £60m project is centered around the addition of an upper tier to the Anfield Road Stand that will increase the overall capacity by 7,000 seats. This will bring the total capacity to 61,000, making it the 4th largest Premier League stadium. The plans for the project include adding general admission concourses, hospitality lounges, a family fan zone, club offices, staff facilities, as well as improving lighting, and landscaping.

Liverpool tickets are hard to get

The Anfield Road Stand, pictured right, has undergone a significant expansion increasing its capacity by 7,000.

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