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Groundhopper Guides is authorized to sell tickets and hospitality packages to Manchester United home games at Old Trafford. Here are the details on what we offer.

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We offer quite tickets and hospitality packages for Man U, so some things to consider as you read through the options below are: where are the seats, and what are the perks?

Manchester United Hospitality package

Manchester United Hospitality package: ticket, invitation to lounge, and club store discount.

Generally speaking, the seats are on the side, up in the corner, or behind a goal. For the perks, it’s mainly about lounges, and they come in two categories: fancy and ordinary. But “ordinary” here is still a large step above being in a regular seat and on the concourse. You’ll be in a lounge area with comfortable seating, your own bar, food (included or for purchase), with access for a couple hours before the game and an hour after. The latter is particularly nice to have a cuppa or a pint while you let the queue at the tram clear out.

Here’s some more detail, but first a seating chart:

Manchester United / Old Trafford Seating Chart

Manchester United / Old Trafford Seating Chart

The Corner Seats: Kit Room, Academy Lounge, Club 500

Man U Kit Room View

View from corner seats.

These are up in the third tier in the corner, which explains why they are the least expensive of the lot. The lounges here are pretty basic, and if there’s food it won’t blow your mind. Likewise, as in the other lounges we sell for, if they say a “club legend” will be available for Q&A, there is a very high likelihood — and especially if you’re reading this post — that you’ve never heard of them. As an American would say, Ryan Giggs isn’t walking through that door!

Again, the advantages of these packages are (relative) affordability and a nice, warm place to hang out before and after the game.

Here’s a shot of Club 500 from the Man U website:

Man U's Club 500

Man U’s Club 500.

Stretford End: The International Suite

Kickoff from the Stretford End block W205.

For us, this is the “sweet spot” of (again, relative) affordability, view and atmosphere. These seats are in block W205, in the lower tier of the Stretford End, traditionally the home of the noisiest and most dedicated fans. (This is also the end United prefer to play towards in the second half.) These are almost always the lowest seats we sell, so really what you’re paying for here is proximity to the pitch and sitting among the hardcore fans, instead of the better food and seats on the side that you’ll get — and pay a good bit more for — in the next group.

The food is decent — curries and burgers and such for around £12. Here’s the bar:

International Suite bar.

Here is a video Groundhopper Paul made while walking into this block before a 2019 Premier League game against Arsenal:

Sir Alex Ferguson Stand: The Museum Package, Reds Cafe and Executive Suites

View from around N3407, typical of the Museum Package.

Many folks just want to sit on the long side, and many others want a proper meal for their financial troubles. Both will be happy with any option here.

The Ferguson Stand is the biggest in the country, seating 26,000 people in three tiers. All of these, with one occasional exception below, are in the middle tier, blocks N3401 to N3408. So you’re on the side, moderately high, and the price differences account for where you’re sitting and what you’re eating.

Museum tour entrance.

Options here start with the Museum Package, which includes a reception, meal and “legend” either before or after the game and seats in N3408, along the goal line. There is also the Lancashire Hospitality, with a full champagne reception, meal, and free bar which is about a 10-minute walk away in the Old Trafford Cricket Ground, right by the tram station. The seats are typically in N3406 or N3407, so more central than the Museum Package.

There is also the Executive Suites, which give you remarkable seats — second tier on the halfway line — with a champagne reception, four-course meal, free drinks, and even free car parking if you need it!

Manchester United Tickets and Hospitality Prices

While this is not an official quote, the following gives you an idea of the range of Manchester United ticket prices as of October, 2021 (click to expand):

man u ticket prices

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