Austin’s Soccer Map

In the spirit of international breaks (see also my my recent trip to a game in Barcelona), I want to tell you about a cool blog run by a buddy of mine in Atlanta.

Austin Long is his name, and we’re semi kinda cousins — hey, Southerners are all related somehow — and he’s been going to lower-league soccer games around the US for years — 33 and counting! He says he wants to start some version of what I do in the States, and I say hell yes to that.

That photo up top is his map of US and Canadian clubs, which you can visit right here. It goes from MLS down to the National Premier Soccer League, which has 93 teams and is semi kinda the fourth tier of US soccer.

Go check out his Groundhopping Blog, and follow him on Twitter @AustinLong1974.

Don’t hold it against him being an Atlanta United fan; I don’t!

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