Checking Out Our Sheffield United Tickets and Hospitality

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Checking Out Our Sheffield United Tickets and Hospitality

We are excited that we can now offer Sheffield United tickets and hospitality for their games in the Premier League and FA Cup. Here’s a look at what we have at Bramall Lane.

We actually have three options for Sheffield United: tickets in the short side of the stadium and two hospitality choices, one on each long side. And as a reminder, hospitality is simply a seat plus some kind of benefit — in this case a pregame meal and lounge access during and after the game. And we are authorized to sell these because we are what’s called a registered agent of several different official authorized resellers, who have contracts with the clubs.

The Steel City Derby vs Sheffield Wednesday at Sheffield United.

Why See a Game at Sheffield United?

The Blades, so called because of Sheffield’s historic role as England’s “Steel City,” offer a combination of traditional football club; a historic and intimate stadium; an interesting city with lots to see and plenty of great nature around; and a devoted fanbase. “Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane” is simply one of our favorite places to see a game. And they sing one of the great, goofy songs in all of football, the Greasy Chip Butty Song. (Click here to check that out.)

With all this about an hour by train from Manchester, and two hours from London, we think Sheffield United should be very high on your groundhopping list.

This chart shows the location of our tickets (Short Side) and hospitality options at Sheffield United.

Our Sheffield United Tickets

We do have regular tickets on the short side at Sheffield United, in the Upper Bramall Lane Stand behind one goal. The away fans are in the lower stand here, but you won’t be able to see them from your seats.

We have yet to actually sit in these seats, but we know where they are. Check this seating chart above for their location. We also found this view on A View From My Seat. It’s from a little higher in the block and was taken some time ago, but it gives you a good idea.

View from block BU1 at Sheffield United. Via A View From My Seat.

Read Our Club Profile of Sheffield United

(Ultras Members can read the whole thing plus our entire book.)

Sheffield United Hospitality: The Tony Currie Suite

First up is the Tony Currie Suite (check the chart above for location), where you will be seated at your own table for a pregame two-course meal. At halftime and after the game you can also have free coffee and tea in there.

Here is a shot inside the Tony Currie Suite:

The Tony Currie Suite at Sheffield United.

To watch the game, you get these very comfortable seats with an excellent view of the pitch. Note that they are, in fact, inside, so in this case you do watch the game from inside the lounge — nice and warm and comfy, but not in the middle of the action. It’s the only package we sell anywhere that is like this.

Seats in the Tony Currie Suite at Sheffield United.

Sheffield United Hospitality: The Platinum Suite

Our other Sheffield United hospitality offering is the Platinum Suite, in the stand opposite the Currie Suite. This is the same basic package — pregame meal in a lounge, plus excellent seats, but there are a few key differences that explain why this one costs a little bit more.

First up, you’ll be at a shared table with other supporters, so that’s fun to get to meet them. Second, it’s a three-course meal, with dessert served at halftime or after the game. And finally, your seats are outside in the stadium, although they are also very comfortable, padded seats with plenty of legroom — a killer view of the pitch.

Here is inside the lounge:

The Platinum Suite at Sheffield United.

The seats are excellent: comfortable and with an awesome view of the game.

Padded seats from the Platinum Suite.

Teams lined up before the game, from our Platinum seats.

Free kick in front of the Kop.

After the game, in the Platinum Suite, you can hang out for an hour, plus the Man of the Match comes in to say a few words and hand out some prizes.

Blades’ Man of the Match anding out a signed shirt.

Get in Touch For a Sheffield United Tickets and Hospitality Quote!

If you want to get a quote for any Sheffield United home game, or you just have questions about our Sheffield United tickets and hospitality, fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch!

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