South London Club Dulwich Hamlet Given Go-Ahead for New Ground

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South London Club Dulwich Hamlet Given Go-Ahead for New Ground

Dulwich Hamlet, a fun and interesting sixth-tier club in South London’s Southwark neighborhood, has been given the go-ahead for a new stadium on its current site.

I got to see them on their triumphant return to Champion Hill after a difficult time being locked out of their own ground. I found them to be a fantastic window into not just lower-league football but well-supported, community-based lower-league football. That the club was fighting for its life against a big commercial property developer only added a certain David-v-Goliath element that made me cheer them on that much more.


And now they have the go-ahead for a new 4,000-seat stadium with 219 new homes in essentially the same spot. There was some neighborhood resistance over the loss of some greenspace, but the club is going to let school and other community groups use their artificial-surface pitch for free.

Here is more from the Southwark news.

And for you American readers, that would be “DULL-itch” Hamlet in “SUTH-erk.” Just so you know.

Dulwich Hamlet are spending the 2020-21 season in the National League South, at tier six of the English football pyramid.

You can see and learn more about Dulwich Hamlet in this video I did about getting “Beyond the Big Six” clubs in London.

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