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If you enjoy the AppleTV show “Ted Lasso” — Season Two started on July 23, 2021 — perhaps you have wondered where they actually shoot it. Here are the Ted Lasso filming locations, most of which are in Greater London.

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This post has been updated after Season Two, Episode Eight, “Man City.” Skip ahead to that content here.

Check back for more as the season goes on.

First, though, a tiny bit of history: Who and what is Ted Lasso?

This All Started With NBC’s Ted Lasso Tottenham Ads

When NBC got the contract for US broadcasts of the Premier League, they created two short and hilarious ads in which Lasso, an American football coach from Wichita State, comes over to coach Tottenham Hotspur. Like most people, when I heard those Ted Lasso Tottenham ads had been turned into an AppleTV series, I wondered how on earth that would happen.

The result has been a bit of a surprise hit. Ted Lasso is an ever-optimistic guy who sees and inspires the best in people, and it turns out that, while he doesn’t understand the offside rule, he’s a decent coach. Other characters and layers have been added, and for me the result is that “Ted Lasso” is … fine.

By the way, NBC still broadcasts the Premier League in the US, through their streaming Peacock service.

But where is Ted Lasso filmed?

Ted Lasso Filming Locations

Here’s the trailer for the 2021 season, that shows many of the Ted Lasso filming locations:

New Ted Lasso 2021 Season Locations?

In the above trailer, Wembley Stadium is quite prominent, and a closer look makes it look very much like an FA Cup semifinal against Manchester City. But since the English system of promotion and relegation was a big theme in the 2020 season, who knows?

Another nice twist: the song featured in that trailer is by David Bowie, who was — like AFC Richmond — from South London.
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Definite Ted Lasso Filming Locations

Ted’s fictional employers are AFC Richmond, and many scenes are filmed in the real-world Richmond, a town in Greater London. These include his apartment, Richmond Green (where he gets schooled by a young girl dribbling past him) and the Prince’s Head Pub, which shows up a few times.

The Prince's Head Pub as seen in Ted Lasso.

The Prince’s Head Pub as seen in “Ted Lasso.”

Here’s a shot of the real pub from Google Maps, showing how they made a few changes for the show. They changed the sign to say “Crown and Anchor,” and they seem to have covered up the bit that actually says “The Prince’s Head” on the wall.

Thanks to reader Ian (see comments below) for helping out with this one!

The Prince's Head Pub in Richmond, London, England.

The real Prince’s Head, one the filming locations in “Ted Lasso.”

Here it is on Google Maps:

Map showing location of the Prince's Head Pub, used as a Ted Lasso filming location.

Location of the Prince’s Head, as seen in “Ted Lasso.”

In Season 2, Episode 1, we see Roy, Keeley and Phoebe sitting by the River Thames with a boathouse in the background. I spent more time than I would like to admit searching Google Maps for that place, but then a reader, James (see comments, below) informed us that it’s the Twickenham Rowing Club on Eel Pie Island, which might be the most English thing we’ve ever encountered.

Ted Lasso characers drinking coffee by the River Thames.

“Ted Lasso” scene with a view of Eel Pie Island.

In Season 2, Episode 3, there are a couple of scenes with people walking around charming little streets, being clever and incisive — ah, life in London. Here are a couple of screenshots, followed by a Google Map link to where they were filmed.

Screen shot of "Ted Lasso" characters walking down a street in Twickenham, London.

Note The Eel Pie Pub on the left?

The Eel Pie is “a rugby-themed pub” on Church Street in Twickenham:

These two are on their way to a doll shop on the same street:

Two women walking down a street in a scene from "Ted Lasso"

Still on Church Street, Twickenham.

That’s Sheer Laser Clinic and Completely Floored, also on Church Street.

And that doll shop? It’s actually a shop at 43 Church Street called Mojo, an “unorthodox gift shop stocking a range of clothing, fragrances, homeware, stationery and gadgets.” I hope they got paid well to probably lose a day or two of business while their shop became a haven of orphan British girl dolls.

Two "Ted Lasso" characters looking at a doll shop.

Fancy an English orphan girl doll?

Finally in S2E3, we see Ted on his home turf of Richmond, which in this case is actually filmed in Richmond. The giveaway here was an Argentinian empanadas placed called Chango, which was easy enough to find except that Google Street View didn’t make it down “Paved Court.” Maybe because it’s too narrow to drive on?

man and woman walking on a Richmond, London street in "Ted Lasso"

Mmm, empanadas.

The confirmation is in the background: clearly the upper floors of Sebastian’s Italian at 12 King Street at the end of Paved Court.


AFC Richmond Training Ground

AFC Richmond’s training ground, seen here, is actually the home of Hayes and Yeading FC.

AFC Richmond Ted Lasso and assistant coaches

Ted Lasso and his assistants at training for AFC Richmond.

Hayes and Yeading, founded by the merger of Hayes FC and Yeading FC in 2007, are in the Southern League Premier Division South, at tier seven of the English football pyramid. (Here’s a guide to the leagues and cups of English soccer.) Their home ground, Beaconsfield Road, is conveniently next to West London Studios, where much of Ted Lasso is filmed. As you can see, this is all out by Heathrow Airport.

Ted Lasso AFC Richmond Training Ground Hayes and Yeading Google Map

Come on out for a game at the AFC Richmond training ground!

Ted Lasso Filming Location Beaconsfield Road stadium

Beaconsfield Road, home of Hayes and Yeading FC and a Ted Lasso filming location. (via Hayes and Yeading FC)

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond’s Home Ground

Many fans of the Premier League will instantly recognize that the fictional Nelson Road, aka the “dog pound” because it’s the home of the AFC Richmond Greyhounds, is in fact Selhurst Park, home of the real-world Premier League club, Crystal Palace.

Ted Lasso and assistant AFC Richmond

Ted and his assistant look over the Whitehorse Lane End at “Nelson Road,” aka Selhurst Park.

Ted Lasso Filming Locations AFC Richmond Home Ground Selhurst Park Crystal Palace

In-game action at “Nelson Road,” which shows a digital version of the Main (right) and Holmesdale Road stands at Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC.

By the way, some of those action scenes, like the one above, actually use computer-generated crowd scenes. But at other times it’s the real Palace ground.

In Season Two, we got a clear exterior shot of Selhurst Park, specifically the roof of the Holmesdale Road End:

Exterior of Selhurst Park football ground, in a scene from "Ted Lasso."

Outside “Nelson Road,” actually Selhurst Park’s Holmesdale Road End.

Notice the little touches they put up to make it say “Nelson Road.” They go through a lot for something that’s on the screen for like three seconds.

That shot is at the corner of Park Road and Holmesdale Road, as seen here on Google Maps:

Exterior of Selhurst Park football ground from Google Maps.

The actual Holmesdale Road End at Selhurst Park.

Selhurst Park is in South London, and is one of the more fun Premier League grounds to visit.

Selhurst Park Google Map

Where to find Selhurst Park in South London.

Groundhopper Soccer Guides sells ticket and hospitality packages for Crystal Palace.

When AFC Richmond Won at “Everton”

My favorite “get” of a Ted Lasso filming location was from Season One, when the Greyhounds won a vital game away to Everton. Everton, of course, are in Liverpool and play their games at historic Goodison Park. Presumably shooting there was too expensive or something, so the makers of Ted Lasso stayed in London but needed a proper historic-looking ground.

What better choice, in that case, than Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC of the Championship, whose ground is shown here in Ted Lasso — still with the Fulham crest above the turnstiles!

Ted Lasso Filming Location Craven Cottage

Appearing briefly as Everton’s Goodison Park: Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC.

In fact, on the right side of that screenshot, you can see the cranes from the ongoing construction of a new Riverside Stand at the Cottage. Here are some pictures of the same exterior before an actual Fulham game.

crowds in street outside Craven Cottage

Night-game scene outside Craven Cottage.

fans enter turnstiles Craven Cottage

Look familiar, Richmond fans?

To learn more about these grounds, you can take a tour of Everton’s Goodison Park or take a tour of Fulham’s Craven Cottage.

Ted Lasso at Wembley: AFC Richmond vs Manchester City in the FA Cup Semifinals

In S2E8, “Man City,” soccer comes back to the fore again, as Richmond make the semifinals of the FA Cup. This was strongly suggested in the trailer, above, and I was wondering if we’d get any City cameos. Nope. But they clearly filmed the pregame sideline scene at the real Wembley.

screenshot from "ted lasso" of soccer players at wembley stadium

Note how Wembley wouldn’t let “AFC Richmond” walk on the pitch!

screenshot from "ted lasso" of wembley stadium roof

Here they probably used a drone and then filled in computer “fans.”

It’s easy to spot when you’re flying into London

overhead view of Wembley Stadium, London.

Wembley from above.

… and they definitely play FA Cup Semifinals there. I know, because I’ve seen one. We sell tickets for FA Cup semis and Finals, too!

wembley stadium filled with fans

Wembley Stadium during an FA Cup Semifinal, Chelsea vs Southampton.

I’ve also taken a tour of Wembley Stadium, as well, part of which is standing in that exact same sideline spot at the end of the players’ tunnel.

screenshot from "ted lasso" of soccer players on the sideline at Wembley Stadium

The players’ tunnel at Wembley is a pretty cool spot. It’s part of the tour!

Three other fun notes from S2E8!

#1 was tough to catch: When Coach Beard said he had accidentally been on mushrooms at one game (which made me laugh out loud), Roy says to him, “The Port Vale game?” With Richmond in the Championship and Port Vale (from the Stoke area) in League Two, that must have been an FA Cup game.

#2, the ref was actual ref Mike Dean, and he got a line, too!

referee mike dean leading the players out of the tunnel at Wembley

Yep, that’s Mike Dean! Watch for him on Premier League broadcasts.

And #3, there were two legit City points in there, each of which may have been filmed at this year’s Charity Shield game: singing “Blue Moon” before the game, and doing their face-away-from-the-pitch “Poznan” dance after a goal:

manchester city fans dancing with their back to the pitch

This looks like actual footage to me.

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  1. Ted’s local is actually a pub called the Princes Head, next door to The Cricketers (it’s to the right of the pub shown in your photo). It also happens to be my local. Oh and the staff at the Princes Head told me that the interior scenes were shot at a mock-up of the pub in Shepperton Studios.

  2. The primary school at which Roy Kent visited his neice is Orlean Primary School in St. Margarets! All 3 children attended there. Love seeing it.

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