Our Prices on Carabao Cup Final Tickets

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Our Prices on Carabao Cup Final Tickets

Groundhopper Guides is a registered ticketing and hospitality agent for League Cup Final tickets.

How are we able to sell League Cup Final tickets? Because Groundhopper Guides is an agent of three official partners of Wembley Stadium, meaning we can access official Taphouse seats, with and without additional hospitality — and without requiring you book a hotel room. However, our offers are only available to non-UK residents.

inside the three lions lounge at Wembley Stadium

Three Lions Lounge at Wembley Stadium

Our EFL Cup Final Tickets

Our Wembley tickets and hospitality options are all in the Taphouse, the middle tier of the stadium which is officially a neutral section. Taphouse has padded seats, great views, and an excellent concourse.

We will also give you all our usual benefits: an Ultras membership to our website, our guidebook to English football, and access to the knowledge and experience we’ve gleaned from seeing more than 200 games in person.

Remember: These tickets can only be sold to non-UK residents only, so we will require a copy of your passport before completing the purchase.

Written By Paul Gerald
Paul Gerald, Owner and Founder of Groundhopper Soccer Guides · Profile
Paul started Groundhopper Soccer Guides as EnglishSoccerGuide.com in 2014. He has been to more than 250 games around the UK and Europe, and he currently lives in Madrid.

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