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newcastle united stadium tour

Tour St. James’ Park at Newcastle United

May 2, 2019

Taking a tour of St. James' Park, home of Newcastle United FC, is like visiting the city's cathedral. I assume Newcastle, a wonderful and historic city, has a fine cathedral ... somewhere. But without a doubt the biggest house of worship in town, the one that inspires the most devotion and passion, the one you…

Tour Old Trafford Stadium at Manchester United

April 25, 2019

Taking the stadium tour of Old Trafford at Manchester United really brings home the fact that, in England, there is no stadium and no club like the one in the red half of Manchester. Any Liverpool and Manchester City fan reading this is no doubt howling, but as a neutral, I have to point out…

Tour the Etihad Stadium at Manchester City FC

April 25, 2019

This will really annoy Manchester City fans, but it has to be said: In the wider public view and despite recent results, the blue side of town is very much the "other" side. But the Etihad Stadium Tour kind of makes up for it. You go to Old Trafford, and it's surrounded by pubs, and…

promotion relegation english football 2020-21 playoffs

Touring Wembley Stadium

April 22, 2019

I highly recommend taking a tour of Wembley Stadium. It's the national stadium of Great Britain, home of championship games ranging from amateur to the FA Cup Final, as well as many other games like the Champions League Final. This is why the phrase "going to Wembley" carries so much meaning in English football. It…

new everton stadium

Tour Goodison Park at Everton FC

April 20, 2019

Some day they are going to tear down Goodison Park at Everton Football Club, and they will replace it with something bigger, more modern, more comfortable, and for me, undoubtedly less charming. The new one won't have the wooden seats, or the church in the corner, or be in the middle of a residential neighborhood,…

exterior of emirates stadium arsenal fc london

Going to a Game at Arsenal?
Go Check Out Their Old Stadium

April 14, 2019

If you’re going to a game at Arsenal, it’s quite easy and worthwhile to make a visit to their old ground at Highbury. Here’s how. First, if you didn’t know the old place is still there … well, it isn’t entirely. Arsenal Stadium, which everybody just called Highbury (and sometimes “Highbury Library” for being too…

chelsea stamford bridge

Tour of Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC in London

October 28, 2018

When I am in England researching The Groundhopper Guide to Soccer in England, I always try to tour the stadiums. It's cool to go into the locker rooms, stand on the touchline, meet supporters, and hear stories. Here, then, are images from a tour of Stamford Bridge at Chelsea FC in London. Quick note: I took this tour in…

tour craven cottage fulham fc

Touring Craven Cottage at Fulham FC

September 15, 2018

Seeing a Premier League game at Fulham FC in London is, for Paul, the epitome of what Americans will love about watching soccer in England. Among the perks are small stadiums in the middle of big cities, local rivalries, and a chance to experience sport like we remember it as kids: without so much interference…

tour st andrews birmingham city fc

Stadium Tour at Birmingham City FC

September 2, 2018

Paul loves touring English soccer stadiums – as much to meet the tour guides as to see the actual stadiums. Here's his experience at Birmingham City. There is just no denying that, of the four big clubs around Birmingham (City, Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion, and Wolverhampton) the Blues are, shall we say, a second-tier…

Touring Villa Park

August 27, 2018

Paul has been to more than 100 games at 60+ English soccer stadiums and toured about a dozen of them, and Villa Park, home of Aston Villa Football Club, is definitely one of his favorites. That’s even more true now that I’ve toured it. It’s big, it’s old, and it’s classy. I like their colors.…

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