Updated for the 2023-24 Season: How to Buy Newcastle United Tickets

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Updated for the 2023-24 Season: How to Buy Newcastle United Tickets

We certainly wish that we could offer Newcastle United tickets at Groundhopper Guides, but they don’t seem to work with resellers anymore. So here is what we do know about how to buy Newcastle tickets.

First, as a quick reminder, clubs allocate tickets in three basic stages: season tickets, member sale, and general sale. The last one only occurs if there’s anything left after the member sale, and at Newcastle, that is never going to happen. At many clubs, including Newcastle, there will also be, after the member sale is completed, a chance for members to log in and purchase tickets from season ticket holders and other members through the club’s official resale area.

But that’s just tickets: there is also club hospitality, which we will discuss later in this post.

And before we move on, StubHub and the lot are illegal in the UK, so we advise you simply don’t go down that route. If you have questions about a particular online seller, check premierleague.com/touts.

Kickoff when Newcastle was in the Championsip.

Step 1 for Newcastle Tickets: Get a Membership

For Newcastle hospitality purchases, which we will get to in a moment, you won’t need a membership. But for regular Newcastle tickets, it’s a necessity. It’s also easy and not too expensive: You simply head over to the club’s website (open in a new tab) and pay them £37, which at the moment around $50 US. That gets you a membership for the season.

This puts you into the system not only for member sales but also for that resale area of the website.

Step 2 for Newcastle Tickets: Watch for Member Sale

Demand for Newcastle tickets is such that, rather than a member sale like most clubs have, they have a ballot, which is British for a lottery. The way this works is that you pick the game you hope to attend, pick which category of ticket you want, enter your credit card information, and then hope for the best.

When do Newcastle ballots happen? For their first home game of the 2023-24 season, against Liverpool, the ballot opened on August 15 — 12 days before the game. It closed 48 hours later, and anyone who won a ticket had their card actually charged on the 17th. The rest of us — I didn’t get one — simply heard nothing and were charged nothing.

I am writing this post one month before their next home game, and there is nothing on the website about when that ballot will open.

So we assume the typical lead time on a Newcastle ticket ballot is about two weeks.

Getting Newcastle tickets together: We have not seen this in action yet, but since each member can only get one ticket through the ballot, we assume it’s virtually impossible to get two tickets together, as you would each have to win the ballot separately and miraculously be placed together.

newcastle united stadium tour

On the pitch during the stadium tour. Or he’s pointing to where your seats might be!

Step 3: Newcastle Member Resale

If you are a member at Newcastle, you will also have access to a resale area for each game. This is where season ticket holders and members who have tickets, but can’t attend, put their tickets back into the system for members to purchase.

For that Liverpool game, where I did not get a ticket in the ballot, the resale window was set to open six days before the game. This isn’t much help at all if you’re coming from outside the UK, but the system is rightly slanted in favor of longtime, local supporters.

The Barracks Lounge at Newcaslte United

Consider Newcastle Hospitality

Hospitality, as we explain here, is in almost all cases simply a ticket to the game plus a benefit like lounge access, food and drinks, a stadium tour, etc. At Groundhopper Guides, we used to sell two of these for Newcastle home games, including the Barracks Lounge, above; the view at the top of this post is from the seats associated with Barracks.

The advantage of buying hospitality from a club like Newcastle is that you don’t have to be a member, and there is availability well before the actual game. As we write this post, there is availability for the next three home games, stretching two months into the future.

For example, that Brentford game which is currently a month away, with no ticket information on the website, has hospitality available starting at £166 for that same Barracks Lounge. It comes with a light meal, pre- and post-match entertainment, and great seats. Other packages with better seats and more food and drinks included, go for as high as £390.

Of course, pricing depends on the opposition, and those are Brentford prices. Expect to pay a lot more when they play Manchester United or Liverpool.

We Can Get You Other Premier League Tickets

We can’t do any more than this to help you see Newcastle play at home, but we are registered ticket agents for more than half of the Premier League. We also offer consulting services to answer all your questions and help you plan the perfect English soccer trips, and occasional we even have meetups to go to the game together.

Fill out the form below, let us know how we can help, and we’ll be in touch!

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