Updated for 24-25 Season: How to Buy Tickets for Manchester United

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Updated for 24-25 Season: How to Buy Tickets for Manchester United

Buying Premier League tickets is hard. Buying tickets for the big clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool is even harder. Groundhopper Guides explains the best options for getting tickets to a Manchester United game.

Even though Old Trafford holds more than 70,000 people, United sells out every game. So how can a regular person, wanting to visit for the first time, get tickets? Basically, there are three routes:

  1. Buy from the club, which is really hard unless you go for hospitality, which is expensive.
  2. Buy from the secondary market, which is technically illegal and can be dodgy.
  3. Buy hospitality from a legit reseller, which is straightforward;

Let’s go through each one. And here’s a video for some big-picture context on buying Premier League tickets.

Buying Tickets from Manchester United

This is difficult and complicated, due to demand. We will try to keep it simple.

First, you are going to need a club membership to get access to tickets before the general public does. Memberships start at £40 for adults and £35 for a “lite” membership. If all you want is the occasional ticket, a lite membership will do.

Note that for each ticket you want, you will need a membership. Family of four? You need four memberships.

Now, having a membership does not mean you will get tickets, and much less four together. That’s because tickets are allocated in a wacky system that starts with season ticket holders and then proceeds through various levels of membership and loyalty points. The details don’t matter so much as this: If Man United is playing anybody you’ve ever heard of, you won’t get tickets through this system. The people ahead of you in line will snap them all up. If the opponent is kind of a nobody, you might have a chance.

Here’s Everything We Know About Buying English Soccer Tickets

The International Suite at Old Trafford

The International Suite at Old Trafford

Buying Manchester United Hospitality

The above all refers to regular tickets. There is a whole different system for hospitality, which is just tickets plus access to a lounge (like the photo above), and sometimes food, drinks, a museum tour, whatever. The club sells these directly on their website as well as through official resellers; more on them in a second.

The advantage of hospitality packages is that you don’t have to be a member to buy them, and they are available well before regular tickets are. They can, of course, be quite expensive, since they come with those extra benefits.

Here is More on English Soccer Hospitality Packages

Buying Tickets from the Secondary Market

Let’s move on to option 2, the secondary market, referred to in the UK as “touts.” Here we’re referring to websites like StubHub, and this is technically illegal. That doesn’t mean you will get screwed, but if you do get screwed you won’t have any recourse other than through StubHub.

In almost all cases, what’s available on the secondary market is season tickets and member tickets being resold at quite a profit. These sites are not based in the UK, which lets them get around UK laws. No doubt the vast majority of these sales are legit, but we’ve heard stories like

  • people having to meet someone before the game to get their membership card to swipe at the turnstile
  • orders being cancelled (and refunded) because the seller got a better deal or the tickets just didn’t come through
  • orders being completely fake

Note: Buying tickets on the street outside the stadium is much less common in the UK than in the US. It is also much more illegal, and we strongly encourage you to avoid this.

We suggest you start with the Premier League website where they have more information on “touts,” including a list of unauthorized ticket websites.

Manchester United vs Arsenal from the Stretford End

Buying Tickets from a Legit Reseller

Option 3, legit resellers, almost always means buying a hospitality package. The club works with official resellers who purchase blocks of these seats for the entire season, then resell them directly on their websites or through “registered agents” like travel agents, credit card reward companies, and other trusted partners. Check the United website for a list of their official resellers, who often have availability when the club doesn’t.

Buying Manchester United Hospitality from Groundhopper Guides

Groundhopper Guides is a registered agent for three of United’s official resellers. That means that by simply asking us for a quote, you are in fact accessing three sources of 100% legit tickets while also gaining access to the knowledge we have gained from watching more than 200 games around the UK and Europe, including several at Old Trafford.

You can fill out the form below to make such a request, and you can also check out our Manchester United ticket and hospitality options right here:

Our Manchester United Ticket and Hospitality Options

More About Groundhopper Guides and English Soccer Tickets & Hospitality

You can read more about us and our hospitality sales here:

Looking to see a Man United game? Fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Written By Paul Gerald
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