Updated for 2023-24 Season: How to Buy Wrexham Tickets

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Updated for 2023-24 Season: How to Buy Wrexham Tickets

Now that the whole world, or at least millions of non-British television viewers, have discovered Wrexham AFC, many of them are determined to see a game there. So, how do you buy Wrexham tickets?

Updated August 2023

The short answer is, because of all the attention now on the club, it’s very difficult. Unless you go down an illegal and sketchy path, getting one Wrexham home ticket is tough slim, and getting two or more together is really tough.

But that’s not to say it’s hopeless — in fact, I recently got one myself (See below). So let’s get into it, starting with a brief introduction to soccer tickets in England — for even though Wrexham is in Wales, they play in the English league system. And the basic process is the same from clubs like Wrexham to clubs like Manchester City.

English Football Tickets: How Does This Work?

Clubs allocate tickets in three stages, explained in the video above: first to season ticket holders, then to club members — often ranked by loyalty points from previous purchases — and then to the public in what’s called General Sale. (Related: Do You Need a Membership for English soccer tickets?)

Normally, at a League Two club like Wrexham, General Sale extends pretty much up to kickoff — ie, you can walk up and purchase on the day. If it’s a big game in the FA Cup or something, maybe not. That’s life in the fourth tier — and here’s an explanation of the leagues and cups of English football.

But what’s happening at Wrexham is far from normal.

Kickoff, with a near sellout against Wigan in the League Cup on a Tuesday!

Buying Wrexham Tickets: Demand Off the Charts

For the 2023-24 season, we should assume there’s no such thing as General Sale for Wrexham tickets.

In the 2022-23 season, the club quit selling regular memberships at 10,000 — literally the current capacity of their stadium. So do the math: If, say, 7,000 of those 10,000 seats are season ticket holders, and the away team gets about 1,000 tickets, then that leaves 10,000 members trying to get 2,000 tickets to a Wrexham home game.

Also a key point: It’s one ticket per member. So if you want two tickets together, then both of you have to get a ticket — hard enough — and also coordinate to get tickets next to each other.

So how do you buy a Wrexham ticket? You get a membership, find out when the member sale starts, log in, and hope for the best.

Goal kick by the Wrexham keeper Mark Howard.

My Experience in Buying Wrexham Tickets

When Wrexham memberships went on sale this season (see below), I immediately grabbed an International membership. When tickets for the first home game of the season (August 5 vs MK Dons) went on sale, I was in the queue 35 minutes before the on-sale time — and I was number 851 in the queue! When it’s your turn to log in, the website opens for up for you, so when tickets went up at 10, I managed to log in at 10:04. I chased after a few tickets, but by 10:06 they were all gone.

But the very next day I logged back in to try for a Tuesday night (August 8) game in the League Cup vs Wigan. I was a few hours after the on-sale time, but I simply logged in, picked a seat, and booked it for £10! So, as is usually the case, midweek and cup games are very often the way to get tickets to a club without general sale.

2023-24 Wrexham Memberships Now for Sale

The 2023-24 Wrexham memberships are now for sale on the club’s website. You’ll need to create an online account (free) to access the ticket-purchasing section of the site, and there you can buy a membership. An international membership is £30 for adults and £15 for juniors (under 18), and the key points include:

  • Access to priority period for the purchase of tickets for all home games at the STōK Cae Ras (Racecourse Ground), from the allocation of 75 tickets reserved for international members.
  • Access to our Official Club Ticket Exchange platform (when in use)

See that bit in bold? Of 10,000 seats at the Racecourse Ground, they’ve set aside 75 per game for International Members.

Also, if for some reason a season ticket holder or member needs to offload their game ticket, those will be in the Official Club Ticket Exchange. Best of luck in there!

This is what we mean about the difficulty of getting Wrexham tickets.

How Not to Buy Wrexham Tickets

At this point, many people reading this will think one of two things: Why don’t I go to StubHub or something, and Why don’t I just show up and get one outside the ground?

The answer to both is the same: It’s against UK law. And in the latter case, practically speaking, selling tickets on the street outside a game is very uncommon in the UK. (Related: Is StubHub Safe?)

I would also add that it exacerbates a problem which Hollywood has already brought to Wrexham, both with tickets and Wrexham gear: it drives up prices, creating an incentive for season ticket holders and members to resell at a profit, all of which makes it that much harder for longtime local fans to see their club play.

When Do Wrexham Tickets Go On Sale?

If you’re a member, this is what the club says about on-sale dates:

The standard window for priority ticket access will open approximately four weeks before each home fixture. However, please note tickets for our match at home to MK Dons will go on sale on July 17, and for the Carabao Cup fixture at home to Wigan Athletic on July 18.

My 2022-23 Experience With Buying Wrexham Tickets

I’ve been to more than 200 games at over 120 grounds around the UK and Europe, and at some point I would have made my way to Wrexham, anyway. But with all this interest, and since Groundhopper Guides exists to explain the world of football to non-Brits, I figured I would move them up the list.

So I got an international membership last season, logged in at the right time for a home game, and scored a ticket in the upper row corner. But then there was a rail strike and I couldn’t get there. So the ticket office was nice enough to take that one back and get me a ticket to another home game. But then there was another rail strike and the pitch was frozen!

So again I logged in, got lucky, and got a ticket to the Woking game the last weekend in January. But Wrexham advanced in the FA Cup, with a home game against Sheffield United, which moved the Woking game to a date I couldn’t make — and the Cup game sold out in less than 10 minutes!

exterior of a football ground with the words "Stockport County AFC" written on it

Stockport County, who beat Wrexham for promotion in 2022, is an excellent place to see a game.

Can’t Buy Wrexham Tickets? Here are Some Alternatives

It’s human nature to see an engaging story on the screen and want to see it for yourself. But understand two things about Wrexham and “Welcome to Wrexham”: One, the version of the club you saw in Season One no longer exists; it’s been replaced by a glamorous, much-in-demand and on-the-rise club where tickets are almost impossible to get and tourists are everywhere.

The second thing is that clubs like Wrexham, clubs well below the Premier League which are the hubs of their communities, where Hollywood has not arrived, are literally all over the map. Just in my travels, I would highly recommend clubs you may recognize from the show: Stockport County, Notts County, Fleetwood Town, Peterborough, and Portsmouth are just a few such clubs where you can have an authentic, traditional experience, get tickets easily, and not be surrounded by fellow tourists.

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