St. James Park

Newcastle United are one of my favorite Premier League clubs to visit, and the city that hosts them is one of my favorites in England. I now sell two pretty cool hospitality packages up there: the Gallowgate Lounge and Barracks Hospitality.

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This first report comes from my customers, the Ryans, from the US. It happens they were headed for nearby Durham around the first weekend of the Premier League season, and it also happens the Magpies were hosting Tottenham that weekend. So they went for it, buying one of the hospitality packages I offer for all Newcastle games: seats outside a suite in the Gallowgate End, a pregame meal, and a match program.

The Gallowgate Lounge at Newcastle United

The Ryans summary of their experience was, “Front row seats. Private access to food, beverage, toilets. Very nice, accommodating people. Family had a blast.” Pretty much defines the hospitality package!

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Where are the seats? Here is the seating chart for St. James Park showing the Gallowgate lounge in the corner (click the image to expand):

Newcastle United seating plan showing both of my hospitality options.

The view from that corner is the one at the top of this post.

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I asked for some more details, and Mike Ryan said, “Food at the lounge was surprisingly good for a free buffet. Ham sandwich or fish cakes. Cash bar had a good selection and excellent service. Lounge attendants were very pleasant and helpful with things like seating and programs. I used to work in sports and I’m a bit of a snob about those things. The Gallowgate Club at Newcastle gets a thumbs up.”

Here are photos from the Ryans. I really appreciate their sharing these.

Seats outside a suite in the corner.

Chilling in the lounge pregame.

View from my Newcastle United hospitality package seats.

The Barracks Hospitality at Newcastle United

This is the higher-end package, mainly because the seats are on the side rather than in the corner. Check the chart up above for the other red circle. Here’s the view from these seats:

Kickoff at St. James’ Park.

Free kick in front of the Gallowgate End.

The seats themselves are quite nice, as well:

Seats in my Barracks Hospitality section.

The lounge looks like it doubles as a party rental; they have live music and an MC who does a little Q&A and game analysis with a former Newcastle player.

Barracks Lounge.

Part of the sandwich buffet.

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