Off we go again!

As I get a little better at these football trips, I find myself getting into the groove with UK transit.

My home in England.

For example, second morning of this trip, it’s off to Birmingham to see the Blues play Cardiff. I started in West Norwood, the South London home of my English family, and without giving it a whole lot of thought, I hopped onto the Overland train with my BritRail pass, got into Victoria station, went straight into the Underground station, took the Victoria Line a few stops up to Euston Station, grabbed a salad and bottle of water at the food shop, then waved my pass at the man at the gate and hopped onto the 14:13 London Midlands with four minutes to spare.

That’s one hour from home to a northbound train across town, with lunch. In the groove.

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On the other end, I’ve got a Holiday Inn (booked with points) right across the street from the station, and a ticket to the game waiting for me at the office.

A fine country to move around in!

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