My Advice for Your Video of Liverpool’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

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My Advice for Your Video of Liverpool’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

We sell a lot of tickets to Liverpool games, and get a ton of inquiries about trips to Anfield. They basically come in two categories: the longtime Liverpool fan and the Premier League lover who has watched TV games played there and wants to experience it in person.

Anfield during “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Here is Paul’s advice about one particular aspect of seeing a game at Anfield:

As I work through the planning process with them, it becomes clear that one thing they cannot wait to experience is the pregame singing of Liverpool’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

But there’s something else I have noticed, both in emails and at Anfield. What many people seem really excited about is to take a video of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” I guess they want to collect something, share with (impress) others, and “relive” the experience.

So here is my advice for taking a video of Liverpool’s anthem:


Think about it; you might only get one chance to be at a Liverpool game, one chance to be among 50,000-plus Liverpool supporters while they sing the one song that bonds them all — and you’re going to watch it through your phone, so can “watch” it again later? Or show it to people for whom it’s just another video rendition?

Screw that. First, learn the words. Then put your phone down, put your scarf up, and sing your guts out. Be in the moment. Be a part of the Liverpool family for at least the duration of that song.

The Kop in “full voice.”

But what about my video, you ask. How can I relive it and share it with others? First, you can’t relive something you didn’t properly live in the first place. Second, there are approximately 4,300 YouTube videos of Liverpool fans singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and they are all pretty much the same. (In fact, here is one of mine you’re welcome to watch!) Many are far better than what you are likely to come up with, anyway.

So don’t bother. It’s like when there’s a full solar eclipse and people try to take a picture of it, when all over the world, professional photographers are doing the same thing.

If you need a video of your YNWA on your phone, then ask your travel partner to do it, assuming they don’t care as much as you do. Then you’ll have, and be in, your video.

But more importantly, you will have actually experienced the song. And, if you ask me, we go to these games — indeed, we travel — to have a connected cultural experience, not to gather a video of something we were only mostly there for.

Scarfs up, then, and get to singing!

Written By Paul Gerald
Paul Gerald, Owner and Founder of Groundhopper Soccer Guides · Profile
Paul is a traveler, writer, publisher and soccer freak. He started Groundhopper Soccer Guides as in 2014. When he's not kicking around England working on this site and his book, you can find him at Providence Park in Portland, cheering on the Portland Timbers.

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