How to Buy Brentford FC Tickets

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How to Buy Brentford FC Tickets

With the Bees up in the Premier League, playing top-tier English football for the first time in 74 years, buying Brentford tickets has become a real challenge. But it can be done, and here’s what we have learned at Groundhopper Guides.

The first thing to know about buying Brentford tickets is that it is really about buying a Brentford ticket. Getting more than one Brentford Premier League ticket, and getting them together, is darn near impossible, unless you have a long history of buying tickets at Brentford — in which case you aren’t reading this post!

By the way, we at Groundhopper Soccer Guides do offer Premier League tickets and Champions League tickets at 11 English clubs. Sadly, Brentford is not one of them.

So, let’s do some very quick background on how English soccer tickets are distributed, then we’ll get into the Brentford tickets situation.

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English Soccer Tickets: How Does This Work?

All clubs follow the same basic timeline with tickets to any given game:

  1. Season ticket holders get their seats.
  2. Season ticket holders can maybe get more, depending on the game. Bigger opponent, maybe not. A game in the FA Cup or League Cup? Definitely.
  3. Members get a shot at tickets. These are people who pay an annual membership fee, which anyone can do. The author of this post, Groundhopper Paul, is a Brentford FC member for the 2021-22 season and has been one in the past. Important: This sale is often prioritized by loyalty points, so if you’re new (hello!) you’re last in line.
  4. A “General Sale” will ensue if there are any tickets left. Sometimes this is only a couple weeks before the game, though since Covid hit it’s often down to one week!
  5. A Ticket Exchange is posted, wherein people who have tickets can offer them for resale.
  6. Many tickets also wind up with third-party folks like StubHub, in a sketchy, unauthorized world.
  7. The club and its official resellers will also offer hospitality packages, which are seats plus some other benefit like lounge access, food or drinks. Groundhopper Guides is such a reseller.

At most Premier League clubs, very few games ever get to General Sale. Even if they do, getting more than one seat together at the biggest clubs is super tough. You might score something behind a goal, in lower rows, at a big club vs a little club, and Cup games are an option as well.

view of football from behind the goal at brentford community stadium

View of the Main Stand during the Brentford-Chelsea game in 2021.

Getting A Brentford Ticket With a My Bees Membership

Let’s take the example of Brentford vs Chelsea in the Premier League, a game to which your author secured a single ticket — lynchpin for the early stages of my 2021-22 groundhopping adventures.

The game was set for October 16, 2021, and on September 13, club members with 1,100 Ticket Access Points — that’s their loyalty program — had a shot at one ticket per member. Two days later it opened up to members with 850 TAPs.

I had 765 TAPs from a few previous trips to their old ground, Griffin Park (here’s one of them). So I had to sit this one out. Nervously.

On September 20, Brentford opened up the sale to all members — thankfully at 2 p.m. London time, because I was on the US West Coast at the time. I logged in at 6:01 a.m. Pacific, waited in a queue to access the site, got bounced out a few times, then by 6:10 had myself a £45 ticket. Within minutes the game was listed as sold out.

My total cost, therefore, was 85 quid (£40 membership + £45 ticket), or about $116 US. Not bad for a rare West London Derby!

Here’s the timeline from their website:

graphic showing the timeline for brentford v chelsea tickets

Timeline for Brentford vs Chelsea ticket sales in 2021.

Brentford Ticket Exchange

Like many clubs, Brentford has a ticket exchange for club members. Getting a ticket from a ticket exchange, in a high-demand situation like this one, means coming back over and over to see what’s available — and then pouncing.

When I got my Brentford-Chelsea ticket, I noticed one ticket for the September 25 Brentford-Liverpool game in the Ticket Exchange. Moments later, it was gone, as well.

Brentford Hospitality

As with all clubs, buying a hospitality package is a simple — if sometimes expensive — way to bypass this whole ticket process. You don’t need a membership to buy hospitality, and you can often do it for any game, all season long, from the beginning of the season.

It happens that, with demand what it is, Brentford’s hospitality options are sold out for the year. But with many clubs, like Liverpool, buying one of these gets you loyalty points, which moves you up the ticket line. Of course, you need a membership to accrue loyalty points! That’s an excellent strategy for getting Liverpool tickets.

Buying Brentford FC Tickets: The Bottom Line

If you want to see Brentford in the Premier League at their amazing new stadium, here’s the process.

  1. Get a £40 membership for the season.
  2. Have your friends get one if they want to go, as well.
  3. Consider getting hospitality from the club (if you can) to skip ahead in the line.
  4. Consider a Cup game for easier access.
  5. Pay close attention to onsale dates and times for the game you’re after.
  6. Pounce. And hope you get tickets somewhere near each other!

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Watch the Premier League on Peacock Premium in the US

More About Groundhopper Guides and English Soccer Tickets & Hospitality

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